Saturday, March 27, 2010

Northern Bound!

Well the packing has begun.. and like most eventers I have started to develop a system for packing... procrastinate, panic,persist and then finally and hopefully prevail! Doug, Megan, Chrissy and I( with 9 horses) are headed to the Fork on Tuesday. We are sending a few to New Jersey with Sam on Tues morning that have no need to go to spend the week at the Fork.

The horses are all well. Tate is bored out of his mind! but thankfully he gets to go on 30 min walks to keep his sanity... this normally consists of me sitting on him while he eats grass! Chrissy labeled this as Tate's "supervised turnout" its funny how sometimes you just feel safer on their back then holding them when they are fit and on stall rest :)!

I have two of Rebecca's horses Rocky and Margaret. They will go back to the Fork this week. Rocky is in full work and is fantastic! We had an exciting first jump the other day since Pinetop and he is def. happy to get back to the job! I know Rebecca is so excited to see him so it will be fun to reunite the two.

Im excited to get back to New Jersey. There are a few exciting prospects to add to the team this spring but im gonna keep the lid on that until the details have been worked out ;).. Chrissy and I are also working on setting up some clinic dates in New Jersey as well as a few out of state destinations. If anyone has any suggestions in farms that might want to set up clinic dates let me know and I will get information to them.

That's it for now i must go because I am obviously still in the procrastinating part of my packing procedure (who knew alliteration could be so much fun!)

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