Monday, March 1, 2010

Rebec Monday Evening

So Rebec seems to be in pretty good spirits( prob bc she got her cell phone and an epidural .. i dont know which one she likes more!!).. She is still in ICU but will hopefully be moved tomorrow to another room for a few more days. Conversation this morning was involving the question of surgery but she seems to be doing well so they gave her an epidural to help with pain management and she is really working on her breathing to help with the punctured lung.
She has gotten a lot of text but is not quite up to talking on the phone but is appreciating all the good wishes!.. Im headed to Charlotte tomorrow to check in on our gal im sure she will have sorted out how to text, type on her laptop and made up some exercise routine you can do while being restricted to a hospital bed!


  1. best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery, to Rebeccah! I'm finishing up a L-O-N-G 12 weeks of a broken neck off my cute OTTB...have a few ways to pass time, keep your sanity, get rid a FEW calories (ACK!), and stay a bit fit while healing happens. Mary Bess Sigman is a great one for helping in the same - give us a ring if you need ANYTHING!!! At least you have Sinead to make you laugh! Lynda

  2. Thanks for the up-dates. Love to Rebecca, I would say give her a big hug from me... But that might hurt a little...!! Nic.

  3. Sorry to hear about your fall..Anything I can do at all just let me know!try to keep your chinn up... you'll be back in the tack in no time.