Tuesday, March 2, 2010

6215 cheese and wine party

So we are here in rebeccas new hospital room! I arrived to Carolinas Medical Center and thought I was checking into the Ritz! Mental note if you get your choice of hospital come here!! I keep looking for McDreamy around the next corner bc the everyone here is attractive, overly nice and carrying some type of drug..hmm seems like a good prime time show!.. back to rebecca .. she is doing very well but when talking to her on the phone she comes off like she is completely fine but walking in to the ICU i saw her pretty much answering text with her eyes closed! The epidural is doing wonders and has her able to sit up, stand and walk! Mary ( rebeccas mom) and I were hoping we could keep it going for the next 6 or so weeks while rebec recovers.. i dont think thats an option. About 4 times an hour rebecca has to breath into what we are calling the wind tunnel game! best score is 1500 but the highest score is 4000! She basically has to blow into a machine that raises a little ball .. the point is to help her take a big breath, blow against resistance to help inflate her lungs.. One time every 4 hours she uses the Intermittent Positive Pressure Breathing machine.. ( i need to use it after saying that sentence!!) which pushes air into lungs and to quote mary "like a blow up mattress"..
Susan Beebee showed up with wine and cheese a few hours ago .. so we feel like high schoolers hiding our wine from the nurses ( im pretty sure they are aware, 3 grown women in a hospital room that just happened to bring our own "sippy cups"hmmmmm)
On a serious note I have looked at rebecs chest x rays and she is pretty broken fortunately the epidural is taking care of the pain but we are all a bit nervous bc soon she will have to be taken off of that and start to heal just with the use of normal pain killers. We are all staying positive and have been reading facebook and looking at pictures from Pine Top.. Rebecca will most likely be here for a few more days. The room number is 6215 at Carolina's Medical Center if you wish to call or send anything.. thanks again for your continued support. ( i'm looking at her now and she has fallen asleep with her blackberry in hand so she is getting text as well!)


  1. Sinead, tell Rebecca that I have been there and not so long ago. Had a horse decide to exit our trailer precipitously as my daughter undid the trailer tie and I was opening one side of the trailer door, and the mare turned around and leaped out, pushing the trailer door open which hit my head and knocked me backwards onto the concrete (with no helmet of course, so a concussion ensued) and then she jumped out onto my chest----I am sure she did not mean to (-:. Broke my clavicle and part of my scapula and 7 ribs. So I know the pain and the breathing apparatus! The hardest part after getting out of the hospital was getting up from a prone position, so I slept in a reclining chair for a while, and needed a pull up to get out of that for a bit. That was in December, and I was fine by mid-January. The worst pain is the first week after you get out of the hospital and it gets better from there! And tell her to take the pain meds religiously as often as they say to take them--with pain receptors, it is better to keep the pain from starting rather than to treat it once it starts!

  2. Hugs Bec from all your Canadian friends who are very worried about you!!
    Take it slow heal well and stay safe.
    And listen to your doctors!!!