Wednesday, March 3, 2010

From Rebec Mom Mary

So I got to the hospital this morning about 7:30 and rebec was already awake and ready to chat! she had a good night other than the fact that her alarm on her phone was still set for 4:30 am .. Pine Top XC morning! so not only was it a day she did not want to redo, she couldnt reach the bloody phone to turn the alarm off! insult to injury.. so the handy call button got the nurse in to turn off the alarm and keep pinetop xc day from happening again.. I left the hospital around 10 and Mary came with me bc its not a good idea to drive your diesel dually truck into the parking garage in a downtown anywhere !! Mary has not only been amazing support and comfort for rebecca she is an excellent traffic controller. She stopped oncoming cars,pedestrians and your occasional wheelchair bound patient while navigating my massive truck down 3 parking decks! not to is her account of the rest of the day...
"Helloooo from the Carolinas,
Quieter day here…sort of. The morning is non stop medical personnel – trauma team types, nurse practitioners, resp tech’s, unit coordinators etc.etc. They basically all need to see Rebecca play the
Breath the Ball Up Game - and all tell her the importance of scoring very well at this game. We are busy here… wash, walk, drink, breathe, move shoulders, cough, drink, sleep… and repeat. She is starting to feel a tad Hungary which must be a good sign as well. Potassium was low… so just as soon as it comes up from the potassium disspensing machine – she will get a hit of that. We have hijacked the “Bird Machine” (intermittent positive pressure) and intend to use it with considerable frequency.
A delegation from the Trauma Team reported that we would be moving back to the Trauma floor once there was a bed available – mostly logistics me thinks – this ward is primarily orthopedics, who of course do not really touch ribs and clavicles.
Visit from Jim C today, and the room flowing with flowers – but nice to have less outside activity and opportunity to get into a solid rehab routine.
Epidural will come out tomorrow – since 4 days is kinda as long as they like to leave em in. That will present a new set of challenges no doubt.
Rebec appreciates and enjoys all the mail and messages….and keeping the blackberry charged keeps me busy !
Love to you all
m & re


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  1. Rebecca,

    I am sending you lots of get well vibes and best wishes for a speedy recovery!

    Vicki R
    Area I - Mass