Thursday, March 4, 2010

Life continues!

So today I was planning on getting back to Charlotte but did not happen.. I did however speak to reb. on a few occations from "how are ya today girl?" to " so how much is the price on this horse? and what level is your student going this weekend? and "does that horse jump ditches?" oh and by the way " how is your punctured lung today?" .. you know all the normal things people text about!
So epidural removal got postponed till tomorrow so i stayed at home today and took care of my ponies and mearly walked in and aknowledge the amazing job Little Rebecca, Lynn,Jenna, Susan and the rest of the gang are doing at rebec barn getting horses not only riden but organized to go home on the weekend. Today once again I was amazed how everyone is so willing to just jump in and do what they can no questions asked. The amazing thing to me is the smile on everyones face and thats not excluding Rebecca ..the ability to say this is the situation... lets deal and lets make sure everyone is ok.
So Mary has sent me a blog post of todays activities.. Rebecca did say it was a rough morning.. but by the afternoon she had figured out a system.. typical rebecca! so thanks for your continued support and much love to Jan and Courtney King-Dye.

Thursday was a tougher day for Rebec. An uncomfortable start to the morning prompted anesthesia to leave the epidural in one more day. Things remained a bit more of a struggle however... just that one step forward - two stepsback kind of path that is of course to be expected - but comes as a piss off anyway!!She sprinted around the hallways at noon - but struggled again with increasing pain / fatigue in the afternoon. It eventually became apparent that the epidural pump was not delivering as it should (sound familiar Daddio ?) Once we got that sorted .... We had our girl back. The good news is we got her nails finally done, and found her ear rings.As of 7:30 this evening we returned to the 11th floor - with two full carts of flowers in tow. The staff could not believe this was all for a single individual! (They obviously don't know Rebec yet). This unit is exclusively trauma and my guess is the staffing / patient ratio is geared much lower than was the case on the 6th. At any rate, the trauma unit is a good place to be.The Epidural comes out first thing tomorrow morning... if push comes to shove - a new one could be installed a tad lower... but we will see. So far we are not a fans of the unscheduled trial run we had today. We both figure best case scenario would be that they take it out just long enough for a shower, and then install a pristine new one for a few more days of grace???For now all is good. Usual evening "course walk". The "office" is open again, with texts and calls getting coherent response.Thanks to Rebecca and Lynne and Susan and Sinead et al.... for keeping the barn in gear. Plan is for the crew to return to the Fork tomorrow (Ithink).Will see what else tomorrow brings..........Later from m & ral! so ill update tomorrow evening on how our girl is doing without the epidural... thank you again for continued support and love to Jan and Courtney King-Dye.

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  1. Please tell Rebecca I am thinking of her and hoping for as pain free (ha, ha) a recovery as possible. I had broken ribss and a punctured lung a while ago, and found that I could only sleep in a raised position. I used my mother's Craftmatic bed, which is now in storage. Rebecca is welcome to borrow it, if she wants. I am only 35 minutes from The Fork, so it would be easy to deliver, if she is going to recover in NC.