Sunday, March 14, 2010

Southern Pines and Skinnyyy Rebecca

So Tater, Margaret and I headed to the Fork on Friday to see rebec, teach a few lessons and compete Margaret for rebec. at Southern Pines II. Rebecca looks fantastic, well in a far too skinny, slightly drugged and well walking like she's 80 fantastic, but none the less looking a million times better than last week. Jim dog( Jim Cogdell) has turned on the heat in the pool and rebec seems eager to get in.. so seems like the healing process is headed in the right direction

I took tate to gallop on some good NC hills since i haven't been able to find more than a slight"slope" in aiken. He is on good form and Im pumped for the advanced at southern pines next weekend!. From the sneak peak I saw of Southern Pines and The Fork the amount of effort going into the spectators,sponsors and owners is going to make these events ones not to be missed! PRO's assosiation with these event's in the PRO Tour is really kick starting some fantastic vision and correlation between the competitions organizing staff and the PRO riders.

This year has been a great year to be involved in the training lists. The sessions are very frequent and seem to constantly be keeping us on the ball. Last week I had some great flat lessons with Mark Philips and a jump lesson that remind me that there is still so much attention to detail needed. Amy Tryon was at my jump lesson and she informed me she did not do her first advance until she was 30! This information made me take a breath when I had not realized I was holding it. Our sport is so go go go you forget it takes time to gain experience. Its so easy to get to caught up in the moment and lose perspective. For me this lesson was very valuable. During these sessions I need to learn from my instructors and piers, do the best job i can for tater and CHILL! Next week is flat with Mark and Jump with show jumper Katie Prudant should be fun!

Oh Yeah .. my freakin truck died! buggerrrrrrrrr.. o well worse things can happen .. right rebec??:)!
ta ta

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