Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tate won!

Double clear sj just fab!! Driving home now eta 4 am! Will give more 411 tomorrow. Manoir de Carneville winner of Richland Park CIC 2 star :)
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A little more 411

Tate felt fantastic yesterday. I was a little nervous bc he has had only one cross country school since march and I also was a bit worried about his fitness. As soon as he left the start box I felt all those worries start to go away. Tate jumped like a million bucks and even at the last minute he felt like he still had plenty of running left. The course was very inviting and was designed by Ian Stark. The first water caught some by surprise being fence five and off a turn but other than that most of the horses understood and jumped the questions well. The ground was a bit hard but after an afternoon of icing tate looked great in the evening and looks even better this morning. Trot up is in about 20 minutes and then we wait till probably 2:30 to jump. I think I have a rail in hand but hopefully we have a solid performance to set us up well for the American EventingChampionships in 2 weeks where will go advanced. So fingers crossed and I update this afternoon. Xx
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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Taterball still winnin!

Tate didn't miss a beat went double clear and still in the lead !! Will give more detail later... Busy givin him some lovin and ice!! Xx
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tates winning!

Tate was very excited to get in the ring today!! We had one or to bobbles just bc tate was literally squealing in the ring he was so proud of himself:) but good enough to score a 49 and be 2 points in the lead ahead of philip. The course looks nice so hopefully we will keep the trend going on sat! Xx
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


5:00 am we pulled out of lebanon,nj and 4:45 pm we pulled into Kalamazoo,MI!! We fortunately had an uneventful trip... Very uneventful bar some exciting cornfields and interesting truck stops the states of PA, Ohio and indiana had little to show us! Tate traveled fantastic sometimes after a long trip he shows signs of his allergies creepin in with a runny nose or cough but no sign of that when we unloaded at Richland Park. He trotted up feeling so good chrissy had to hang on so I think ill have my work cut out for me keeping him in a straight line sunday am. Our hotel is very dodgy so if you don't hear an update from me tomorrow please check for me at the econo lodge, kalamazoo,MI.. ;) xx
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

and so on and so on..

So day to day life as a struggling actor.. sorry scratch that event rider continues ;) ..unfortunately Rocket has suffered a minor injury that will keep him from finishing his season up. This is a real bummer due to how much emotional and physical work has been put forth by not just chrissy and I but by Rockets owners Cindy and Randy. They have really gone above and beyond to make sure that rocket has been happy in his work and were so thrilled with him at Millbrook. These things happen but it is always such a disappointment. They remain dedicated to his well being and cindy im sure will be at the barn grooming and spoiling him rotten everyday :) but hey everyone needs a little spoiling when their down!
I rode a students horse at waradoca today that has been a bit of a problem child. It was a successful day. I realize this horse is as precious to them, even being a beginner novice horse, as Tate is to me.. feels good to be on the right track.
I took tate his first jump lesson back with anne kurskinsky and he was fantastic... feels good, really good. I again keep reminding myself that while I have huge goals in mind for him, to be able to ride and train on such an athlete everyday is the achievement... everything after that is gravy;).

Monday, August 9, 2010


The weekend finished great with alvin jumping a clear sj to finish 4th and rocket jumping a clear sj to finish 7th in the itermediate .. Richland park is next on the list with both tate and rocket in the CIC two star.
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Saturday, August 7, 2010


Alvin and rocket were very good today.. Rocket is in 11th in the OI with a clear cross country. This is his first intermediate run back in over a year. Alvin finished 4th in the novice. Show jumping tomorrow for rocket! Tate has tagged along and has been more than excited to be here! X
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