Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Great weekend

This weekend we took alvin and sobe to burgundy hollow horse trials and both won! Sobe is gettin the hang of things and I think is gonna turn into a little machine but now is still needing som encouragement. Alvin was very good I think I have the bitting sorted,both horses jump clean sj and xc. I had two students have successful days too,kelly and her horse finished 5th and sara and her horse won their division! .. In other news tate did his first gallop this morning its so great to have him back in action .. His first run will be at richland in a month. S
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Y R Camp!

When I arrived at Newark for my 5:00 flight I learned my flight had been cancelled and I had been put on a flight at 7.... Then shortly after my 7:00 flight got moved to 10:00. Then I realized there was no bar in the my gated area!.. So out through security I went then realizing after a few tours that there was no bar in the whole A terminal! Not that I'm an alcoholic but what is one to do in Newark for 5 hours? So on a train I got to B terminal, international terminal better people watchin than at walmart! But my plane landed at midnight at Chicago a car picked me up and I was in bed by 1 am at my friend allison springers house. I am out at lamp light equestrian center till Saturday teaching the area 4 young rider camp with allison springer and john holling. So day 1 done and successful and on to tomorrow! Off for a cocktail and some food! Ciao.
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Allison,Nat, John and I
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