Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Y R Camp!

When I arrived at Newark for my 5:00 flight I learned my flight had been cancelled and I had been put on a flight at 7.... Then shortly after my 7:00 flight got moved to 10:00. Then I realized there was no bar in the my gated area!.. So out through security I went then realizing after a few tours that there was no bar in the whole A terminal! Not that I'm an alcoholic but what is one to do in Newark for 5 hours? So on a train I got to B terminal, international terminal better people watchin than at walmart! But my plane landed at midnight at Chicago a car picked me up and I was in bed by 1 am at my friend allison springers house. I am out at lamp light equestrian center till Saturday teaching the area 4 young rider camp with allison springer and john holling. So day 1 done and successful and on to tomorrow! Off for a cocktail and some food! Ciao.
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