Monday, August 31, 2009


Well things are getting busy! We have a fun mix of upper level horses and babies getting going at Hart Farm. Juli and I had a fun morning of xc with the youngin's introducing ditches, waters and banks. It never seizes to amaze me how rewarding the young horses can be. I laughed more this morning cross country schooling than I have in a long time. The leaps and curious bounds the horses made left me on the end of my reins quite a few times but thankfully the horses in the barn right now have the same sense of humor I do. This weekend I am taking racer "White Gloves Adamus" to his first begginer novice and Bally is competing at novice at Seneca. Im really looking forward to it. When you compete at the Advanced level the stress/excitment and adrenaline is I have to be fast in the time, clean show jumping and a perfect dressage, with the babies its a stress and honest curiosity of the unknown... how are they gonna deal with the outside world. I laugh it must be a bit of what if feels like sending your kid to the first day of school.. how are they gonna deal with outside life, hopefully I have trained them well enough to succeed and if something goes wrong hopefully they handle it with some type of grace as well as getting through the red and white flags! Geoffery is going to pop around the prelim this weekend as well. He has been going very well and will be doing the CIC 1* at Plantation. Tate will be competeing at the CIC*** at plantation. He is on good form and we are headed to dressage 101 with Betsy Stiener on Wend. . thats it for now.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Well a mixed week... spending the week at HITS was very interesting. I have always found the best way to learn something is to submerge yourself completely and then take away what you like and leave what you don't. There are always some nerves when trying a new venture and I certainly felt a bit out of place not knowing really the schedule and not seeing to many familiar faces. But I certainly walked away feeling confident in the ring and my horses did as well. Tate won one of his level 4 classes ( Intermediate level) and placed 5th in the level 5's ( 4' ft advanced), He also finished 3rd on Friday in his second level 4 class. Geoffrey was very good in the Grand Prix ring but when he got in smaller arena on Friday he was a little bit more difficult to keep settled. The key things I took away from the event was how crucial it is to keep putting yourself in these pressure situations, I jumped 9 showjumping rounds in 3 days which would take me nearly a whole season with two horses in pure eventing. I also learned my warm up is key and I needed a plan. My horses came out different everyday as did I so I created a few different warm up plans. If I felt my game wasn't quite right I created a plan for that, if the horses were tired I made a plan for that, If they felt board or irritated made a plan for that .. this really helped me get better prepared for Sunday mornings when the horses don't feel quite like they "always" do.
The very sad part of the weekend was that Phil Linde passed away. This is Karen O'Connor's dad. I can not recall how many Thanksgivings, Christmas's and everything in between I have spent with Joanne, Phil and the O'Connor. I am very lucky to have been so close with this family and consider them part of my family. I attended a beautiful service on Saturday followed by a warm friendly and appreciated reception at Karen and Davids home in the Plains. I am never less than impressed by the how all us get so wrapped up in our own life's but when something like this happens everyone drops what there doing and comes together if only for one day to celebrate,mourn and remember those who are closest to us. Phil we will all miss you dearly and loved sharing in your warmth,hospitality and humour.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

No richland

Well tate got a little cough so 12 hours on a trailer in this heat not really a good idea. Instead I have brought Geoffrey and tate down to hits the jumper show in culpeper Va. I did 4 rounds today two on each. Tate was a super star and actually won the level 4s with the fastest jump off time he was also 5 th in the level 5s. Geoffrey was actually really good and jumped the best he has but had an unfortunate rail in both rounds. We will jump a few more rounds toMmorrow and Friday. In other exciting news the high proformance board approved tate and I for a training grant!! Which is so exciting I didn't think that was an option until late fall so I'm pumped. So dressage lessons and show jump lessons are coming my way!! Ill keep posting through the week. Xx
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

A winner at waradoca!

Sir bally Patrick Ricardo won his novice division on a 23. 0 ! He was a very good boy even at the 2 water jumps in xc . Geoffrey was also good but we went slow trying to figure out a new bit. This was a bit of a school for him and I still think there I some tweaking that needs to be done on the bit front but we are almost there.
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Saturday, August 15, 2009


In the truck again driving to compete at waradoca in Maryland. Geoffrey and bally both compete tomorrow. Geof in the prelim with a new but I'm excited to try and bally in the novice. Juli stayed at home to look after the other ponies. This is just a one day so 6 rides by 2PM then back to jersey!
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

While we were away in canada I forgot to mention that Sir Bally Patrick stayed back and went to Millbrook with Doug and finished first in the Open Novice!! so well done to those two boys!.. I am off to Waredoca in MD this weekend with Bally and Geoffrey.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Final results!

Well a trip worth taking for sure!! Tate finished 5 in the world cup behind buck on two horses Philip on one and Kyle Carter on his Olympic mount so tate stayed in good company! He tried so hard the show jumping was huge and took a toll on many. Tate had 1 down but turned himself inside out trying to be careful. Geoffrey was a handful all weekend but managed to finish 2 in the preliminary begind Mara dean Al the result is very positive but I still feel we have a bit to go to capitilize on all Geoffreys bravery and scope. Juli and I are off to have a well deserved beer and are heading back to the states early tommorror morning.
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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Boys were fantastic! Both clear! Geoffrey in 2 and tate had some time so in 7 th but complete class round could not be happier. We will see how toMMorrow goes Geoffrey jumps around 10 and tate around 2 ! Fingers and toes crossed !
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Friday, August 7, 2009

Both boys were great! Tate is in 5 th in the world cup after dressage and Geoffrey is in third. ToMMorrow is a whole new day for sure. Both tracks look good but should be a real test for tate. Geoffrey goes around 10 and tate around 1 so fingers crossed!
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Thursday, August 6, 2009


Tate getting ready for jog! Not appreciateing getting his face washed! Ha
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


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On our way!

Geoffry,Tate, Juli and I are on our way to Wits End! We left Hart Farm around 6 am and its 230 and we have just gotten through the Border without an issue. Jog is tomorrow at 9:30 For the CIC*** We have not gotten times yet but looking at the numbers I think Tate will go Friday morning and Geoffry will go in the middle of the day. The boys will go for a hack this afternoon when we arrive, have a school tomorrow and chill out after their long trip! Stay Tuned!!


On our way!
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Some issues on site

We are still touching up the site! I know some of the pages are a bit off. We will get it corrected by this evening! Thanks!! Xx

Monday, August 3, 2009

Change Change Change!!

Well a lot has happened since my last blog! First and foremost being the big move from Middleburg,VA to Gladstone,NJ. Juli, the horses and I are now based out of the most amazing farm in New Jersey. The Farm is perfect! It has an amazing Indoor and lighted outdoor and access to endless ride out. But most of all it just has a great feeling .. The horses love their quaint bank barn and when they are happy it makes juli and my job much easier!!
I took the boys to Stuart horse trials for my big debut back after breaking my arm and had a great finish on tate with a win in the OI and Geoffrey took huge leaps forward in his rideablity and finished 7th in the OP. We are headed out to Wits End in Canada to compete at the World Cup Qualifier this week, Geoffrey will tag along and do the OP and Bally will stay back and go to Millbrook with Doug( I couldn't justify taking him all the way to Canada for a novice).
Juli has had Nigel, Racer and Eddie for the last month or so while my arm mended. They have arrived down to NJ in great form and I must say I am very excited about Racer a 4 year old owned by Barb Ferneyhough ! Juli has done a fantastic job with both Eddie and Racer(both owned by barb) I will take over the ride on Racer and Juli will get to campaign Eddie. Nigel is looking very well and is starting to leg up for the fall, hopefully he will get going in Sept.
The website has also had a bit of updating( hence the little break since the last blog) so check it out there are some updates and changes throughout the site. We will get some pictures up shortly of the new barn and the new horses in the barn!
speak soon!