Wednesday, August 19, 2009

No richland

Well tate got a little cough so 12 hours on a trailer in this heat not really a good idea. Instead I have brought Geoffrey and tate down to hits the jumper show in culpeper Va. I did 4 rounds today two on each. Tate was a super star and actually won the level 4s with the fastest jump off time he was also 5 th in the level 5s. Geoffrey was actually really good and jumped the best he has but had an unfortunate rail in both rounds. We will jump a few more rounds toMmorrow and Friday. In other exciting news the high proformance board approved tate and I for a training grant!! Which is so exciting I didn't think that was an option until late fall so I'm pumped. So dressage lessons and show jump lessons are coming my way!! Ill keep posting through the week. Xx
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