Friday, March 5, 2010

just in case you need a laugh!

So my first visit to rebecca i was telling her a story about when she was in the first emergency room.. unfortunately that story led to laughter which led to tears(bc it hurt) which led to her oxygen dropping and the need for more drugs! DISASTER.. but it was funny.. it might not come over while typing but ill try and tell the story anyway
When the trauma group came to get rebec ready for her little helicopter ride they had to move her from the bed she was in to the movable collapsible thing she was to ride in the helicopter on. They went to move her and she yelled in pain! The nice trauma guy said" we are just going to scooch you over to the other bed" rebecca in classic Canadian fashion said " oh surry(sorry but in canadian) i though you were picking meup" they said " no no just scooching".. 2 sec later they picked rebecca up and she was screaming bc obviously this did not feel good.. when they got her to the next bed she yelled " THAT WAS NOT SCOOCHING".. we all laughed out loud and then felt a bit awkward bc it prob was not the right time.. when i told reb this story that was what sent her into the earlier described laughing disaster!.. when i told Mary this story she pulled up a you tube video hilarious! all about cross country snow boarding and SCOOCHING! its a must watch .. hope that left you with a laugh( and def confirms the hospital lift was not SCOOCHING!)

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