Monday, March 1, 2010

Rebecca Howard

Yesterday at 4:15 Rebecca endured what most event riders fear most, a rotational fall. The fence was a nasty upright at the end of the course. The fence was set at a funny angle and blended into the surrounding boards. Rocky is a horse that Rebecca was 3 on at the Fairhill CCI** in the fall so is quite experienced. Rocky didnt see the jump until it was too late. Rebecca suffered multiple broken ribs,both clavicles are fractured in several places and she has a mild punctured lung. We airlifted her from McDuffy Hospital in Thomson to Charlotte,NC. She is currently in ICU but will hopefully be moved soon. She is classic Rebec and worrying about students,horses and upset about worring people! As usual she is putting on a strong face and cracking jokes but this will be a long painful recovery. My mom and Jim are with her in Charlotte and her mother Mary is on a plane now and will be here tonight. Rocky got up quickly and has not a scratch on him. Rebecca has always been so strong and the shoulder to lean on.. now she needs all of us to keep her positive and her spirits up. So send her texts or messages on Facebook .. as alot of us riders know the hospital is not a fun place so any funny stories would be a welcome distraction. She is on a lot of pain meds so maybe wait a few days to call. We are waiting today to see if she needs any surgery to help her shoulders and the stability of her ribs. I will update here until I can get info for rebeccas personal blog. Yesterday there were a few other bad falls so please keep your thoughts with the other riders as well. thanks xx sinead


  1. Sinead,

    Thank you for the information and we look forward to getting your updates. I'm sitting idle in Charlotte - just 5 minutes from CMC. Let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do to help.


  2. Thanks for letting us know what is going on. I will be keeping Rebecca in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. Again thank you for the update. Looking forward to seeing Rebecca jumping around the xc course soon!

  3. Is she at CMC or somewhere else?

  4. The Bosch FamilyMarch 1, 2010 at 3:48 PM

    The Bosch Family In Summerland BC Canada wish Rebecca a Speedy Recovery Get well soon...

  5. thx for the info- definitely the challenge will be enough distractions but lots of REST! not something eventers know much about.

  6. Check out these fun boots Great video too! Entertainment.
    Hope your doing well- Tracey

  7. Rebecca has a blog at:

    Under the "My Blog" tab

    Get well quickly Rebec as everyone misses you.