Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rebec is going home!

Rebecca is going home!! Tomorrow morning is the big morning.. this is a copy from Mary's email

Rebec has the green light to go home. She is clearly headed in the right direction in terms of pain control , chest expansion and activity. Target departure will be late Monday Morning. Will try the day without Oxygen first. A new breathing machine turned up today (bye bye birdie IPB machine), that requires expiratory effort rather than inspiratory. The morning was a little more of a work out comfort wise, but all in all…pretty darn good. Next update will be coming to you from The Fork….

I will be headed to the Fork on the weekend to hang for the weekend and compete a horse of rebec at southern pines. I will keep updating on her progress but now that she is feelin better im gonna let her speak for herself !! so check out her blog on !! Thanks for all the support

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