Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Training Sessions day 1

Will and Nat arrived yesterday afternoon and the subject went quickly from being super excited to then the same conversation on most eventers minds, what happened at WEG's. Now we all have our opinions and we will save that for another day but what was first and foremost on our minds was "what are we gonna say to Mark?" .. um sorry for your bad luck?... better luck next time... Well Mark what went right at the WEG's...its literally 48 hours after giving away the silver medal, can we ignore the elephant in the room.. probley not. Guess who gets the first lesson of the day and the "breaking the ice"duty, yes yours truly. So I do what I always do when im nervous just start talking and don't stop. When I gave Mark a second to talk it obviously was in the front of his mind as well and let me tell you he is as pissed as everyone else. I then did the second thing I do when im nervous.. smile,nod and agree. Fortunately Marks frustrations did not flow into my flat lesson and it went very well. I have alot of work to do on my half-pass but it certainly got a lot better.
The rest of the horses looked well dougs horse is looking like it is showing some more flash but is still having green moments in the changes and counter canters. Will's mare has a very workman like attitude and looks like she should be very accurate. Mark is not being shy at all about the fact that we "will preform well" and he is expecting quite a lot from us. I do think there is more pressure especially due to the poor performances on a whole as Americans in international competition lately. But with youth comes eagerness and we all are saying to each other we better pull this off, but we are saying this with a smile on our faces ready and excited for this opportunity.
Tomorrow we are all having a jump and Mark is being kind enough to help Doug and I on some of our younger up and coming horses since we are local. I will have pictures a bit later!
Stay tuned

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