Friday, October 29, 2010

The Gang

Tate is on great form and in the field till December and will be on the road to ROLEX!
King is getting better and better.. working off the baby chubb he should be set to go training in Febuary
Stella is working hard trying to get an education in the dressage but there should be no problem jumping! She should be going novice/training quite quickly.
Classic Garden is for sale if anyone know anyone looking for a nice lesson/ponyclub horse( more info on my website)
Swing a Little is for sale as a Foxhunting/dressage/ponyclub pony (more info on my website)
Rocket is back in action and chrissy is legging him up and he will be aimed toward competing at 3 DerbyCross's in the spring ( see Inside info )
Sobe Dazzeled is preparing for her first competiton season in the winter/spring in aiken
Bing and Rhiannon are doing well and getting the basics sorted so that they can be wicked competitve in the spring
Inside 411
PRO and DerbyCross Pro has teamed up with 3 venues to create a DerbyCross series. Wellington in late january, North Carolina in March and yes yes ROLEX in April!! This is VERY NEW INFO and we are still working out the details so stay tuned to the PRO website and mine but it looks as if we are a go. Idea is 5 teams,4 horses and riders competing for top money and prizes ... this is a blast of an event and will have loud music, exciting rides and top professionals matched with a guest rider at each venue! Rocket is aimed is to be my DX horse for 2011 and I may be a bit excited but I have been doing DX's for years and Rocket IS what a Derby Horse should be!! I hear Leslie Law is already legging up his Derby horse and I just talked to Macia Kulack in Wellington and she has got her eye on a competitve horse as well!
USET High Perfomance Grants - Fingers crossed I am really hoping Tate and I get moved up from the Developing Rider list to the High Perfomace B list. This makes us eligible for all sorts of lessons and grants. Word on the street is that there will be grants available for training in Wellington,FL this winter. I am hoping to head that way in the middle of January if we get a grant. I will hopefully work with Anne K and Katie P as well as get some Dressage help.
PRO/LR Equestrian Signature Line and Launch I am working closely with PRO and LR Equestrian to develop a PRO Clothing Line( tons of fun!) Our first line, the Signature Series will most likley involve a vest, polo shirt and Jacket/Windbreaker. We are going for a Professional look that you could get off of schooling your horse and go straight to a meeting with sponsors/clients and look good! We are trying to do a fashion show with riders being the models at the launch at ROLEX! what fun :)
None of this information is finalized but it is some of what is in the works for 2011!
Hope you find this information useful or just entertaining! Thanks again for being involved and hope your enjoying the ride !
PS... I am headed to The Royal Agricultural Fair in Toronto to Compete in the Indoor Eventing next weekend .. so much fun! I am catch riding a horse so hopefully that all goes well ;) you can watch it live on the Royals website we are on in the Friday and Sat evening.

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