Wednesday, October 20, 2010

back to nj

we all survived and arrived back in NJ yesterday!.. till the bitter end it was an adventure and the final picture in my head from the trip will be Will in his new completly wooden clogs trying to walk, talk and drag his luggage from the baggage claim while letting everyone in the airport know he sat next to Eddie Murphy on the plane! That was the kind of trip it was :) I pick up Tate tomorrow from quarentine and I can not wait to get him out in the field and rolling in the dirt! Please check out Eventing Nation for my final Boekelo wrap up but all in all I fell so lucky to have the horse I have, the support I have and to have had the experience I just had. I have so much to work on this winter to prepare for Kentucky in the spring and have been so inspired Its going to be hard to leave tate in the field for a few months but he has earned it!.. I rode the other slew at home yesterday and thanks to sara and anna for keeping things rolling all the horses seem great. I am trying to sort out plans now for how long to be in Aiken and to see if I can swing some time in Palm Beach. I also am looking for a working student who might want to come along if anyone has anyone in mind. Ill take some pictures when i pick up tater! xx

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