Saturday, October 9, 2010

final countdown!

Sorry I did not post yesterday things got a little crazy(as you can imagine).. but lessons went great. We all had our final flat school in the USA and all the horses looked and felt on top form. I originally thought we could get all our packing done in 2 trunks but around 3:30 when 2 trunks were full and the floor of the barn was more full chrissy and I realized we were being a bit optimistic.... so 4 trunks, 1 haysteamer, a muck bucket filled to the brim with other buckets, 3 haynets and 5 bags of grain.. I think tate might have everything one little french pony could need! Nat has been fantastic in making sure we all are organized and made a point to come down and make sure chrissy was feeling good and prepared. Its 5:30 am now and I am headed to the barn. Will and I have a sunrise ride at 6:30 ( we have decided to hold hands and sing songs while the sun rises ill try and get a picture ;) ..then the horses will leave at 8:30 with Dick Payne and Nat to JFK. We all then have a bit of time for last minute packing and are meeting at Sara Ike's at 3:00 to get to Newark for our 6pm flight. I will update hopefully from the Airport on how the packing, horses and Will and my trail ride :) all goes!

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