Tuesday, October 5, 2010

5 day countdown!

Its 7:30 and instead of heading to the barn I am headed to the oral surgeon for a dental consult... seems that I have fractured a tooth and it needs to come out ... now! But if that is the only inconvenience on the way to Holland thats cool (painful but no big deal).. The Captain and Will Faudree get here tonight. Im interested in Marks ideas and attitude after the big US disappointment at WEG's. Seems to that the chat around the campfire is that the US has invested to much in the "old school team" and has maybe looked passed some of their obvious flaws due to them being veterans of the sport. Well this week starts the US's new movement toward supporting young and upcoming riders by sending the 4 of us to Boekelo.... No Pressure !
Tate feels great and I feel very prepared. Tate and I combined have the most experience in the group in our Advanced competitions together. Will has the most experience as a rider with his numerous 4 star and team competitions on his former advanced ride Antigua. His mare is absolutely amazing and has been completely solid in the past year or so that Will has had her. Doug and Running Order are new to the Advanced level but Doug has more time in the tack than most and has proven on countless horses that he can be competitive. This will be a big step for both "skinny" and Doug but worth the investment. Tiana and her beautiful grey horse have both won at the 3 star level and had some spotty competitions. She knows her horse very well and has every capability to win the thing if things go her way.... Im late to the dentist!! more updates later :)

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