Monday, November 2, 2009


I was so pleased with the horses at VA but unfortunately the scores don't really show it. Racer did a perfect Little 28 in the dressage only to be technically eliminated for my whip being to long! This whip I have used all season and has been measured numerous times and always been approved.. it even has a green strip on it reading 110 cm but there was a little tassel type thing on the end that put it slightly over and no one caught it before.. nothing I could do about it other than be really mad! but there wasn't really anyone to be mad at .. I still show jumped and he put in a hunter clear but due to the rain(theme of the season) They wouldn't let me go xc o well.. He is now out in the field at home with Barb in va and will pick work back up in January. Nigel was great! he was typical Nigel on the flat tried hard but just gets nervous in that little box.. the xc was the prelim Olympics and although Nigel has gone advanced he has not jumped a log since April.. i stopped in middleburg on the was to VA HT to xc school and he was good but i was not expecting such a massive prelim so i didn't school that much. He was very good though I tried a new bit and it seems to get through to him.. he is still strong but i can get him back if i really need to which is nice.. Sj he was very good to not to be a complainer but the course i thought was really unfair.. twisty and turny with multiple roll backs that you couldn't help but yank on there faces but he was very tolerant and jumped very well.
So Im taking Geoffrey in tomorrow to get re-scoped to make sure his ulcers are all gone and then hopefully he will start back into work. Tater still gets another month off and has had his hind shoes pulled. We also have a new comer to the barn for the month. Amatoro, is a 4 year old Lucitano I started for Cindy Sty's. He is coming to boot camp for the month so Cindy feels confident with him over the winter. He is a sharp little dude but he really wants to be good so I think it will be fun getting him used to life at the farm!

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