Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

This blog might not so light i apoligize ahead of time! My first ride today was a dressage school on Nigel... Nigel i love and my he holds my heart in most conversations but if i were to be honest id say he is such a trier but i cant get through to him on the flat. I can get him to be obidient but not competitive against the horses that are holding our sport to a high level today. I always get excited and chrissy or friends will ask how was nigel and i say "he was great, for nigel" but today something got through to him and he was just great. Compared to any horse Nigel was a star, it took all i had not be in tears at 8 in the morning bc weather he gives me that at an event or not i felt like today he understood me and for that i was in my day i traveled to my friend, melonie downt the road. Melonie had a 3 year old windfall baby. I started Echo a little over a week ago. Melonie and her family lost her husband and her childrens father a little less than a year ago to a heart attack. Melonie gave me her sons ( who is at law school) car, a little 325 bmw in return for starting her horse, because money isnt something to be frivously spent. Today her daughter, Cloey came to see echos progress. Cloey was excited and couldnt stop smiling,as I held Echo while she got on she said " I have been waiting for this for 3 and 1/2 years. She was so happy. I stood lunging her on the baby, her and her mom brought into the world 3 and 1/2 years ago and I felt I was part of something that was bringing a smile and love to a family that had seen alot of pain in the past year. I drove away thinking " I love my job"
The last thing that made me thankful in my day was around 12:30pm when i was in the indoor helping chrissy on amatoro and riding Geoffrey. Doug sent me a message from Ireland ( where he has been for the last week foxhunting) saying he had a rotational fall on a 4 y/o jumping a 3 board fence with barb wire. Rotational falls rarley end well, I have had 2. The first both the horse and I ended up fine, alittle concussion and that was about it. The second my luck ran out, I lost my horse. This was one of the most terrifying and saddest moments of my life. I lost myself for a while after this. Now I try and identify moments that luck was on my side and thank god or whoever you would like to for those moments. Today I am very thankful that after a rotational fall Doug and his horse are fine. Doug has hurt his shoulder but nothing alittle surpass and advil wont help. I am taking this night to be thankful for my wonderful horses,my family,my friends and health .. please do the same

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