Thursday, November 5, 2009

Very Exciting News!!

I got an email yesterday saying tate and I are on the High Performance List!! Which basically means the short list for USET. They create an A and B list every spring and fall that consist of horses that are not only qualified for a Team Competition ( Olympics,Worlds,Pan Ams) but are very selective of the quality of horse .. only choosing horse and rider combinations they feel would be competitive and have the potential to medal for the country. So it is a real compliment and im so lucky to be teamed up with the Tater he really is such a star! The next team competition are the World Games 2010. These lists will be re-evaluated after spring three days (Rolex,badminton,Jersey Fresh) and that list will be what the WEG team is chosen from. The High Performance horse and rider combinations will have top focus in training and grants to help get to the final list that will be chosen in the late spring.
Other exciting news is that Nigel and I were invited to compete in the Royal Fair in Toronto,Canada next week. There are basically 12 riders that compete in a $10,000 indoor eventing competition. We compete on Monday night and Tues night. The course is a combo show jumps and cross country jumps. If you have a rail its converted to time 4 sec added to your total time to complete the course. At the end of both rounds the pair with the fastest time combined will win! It is in a coliseum that can hold 6000 people hopefully Nigel keep his eyeballs on the job!! Don Good owns Nigel and is a major sponsor of the Event so it would be fun if he did well. Ill take pictures on my phone and keep the blog updated! supposed to be a lot of fun!!

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