Sunday, November 29, 2009

Turkey, Stuffing .. Stuffed

Well the past week has been actually a lot of fun. With Doug out of the country myself,chrissy. megan(dougs w/s) Holly ( no Matt bc he was stuck transporting a horse in Holland!),Sam ( Holly and Matts w/s) Dick and Marilyn Payne brought the Holiday Season in with at Trash Can Turkey!. You might say "what!|??" but Dougs dad read about how to make a trash can turkey in the drive way in an hour and a half.. so of course we all showed up to see this .. litterally a metal trash can turned upside down with coals on top and all around basically steamed the turkey to perfection. Marilyn made sure she cooked another turkey just in case that one didnt work out( not that she had any doubts :)!!). .. But it kicked off a very fun weekend.
As you can see in the pics above Melonie, her daughter sophie and I had a great time with echo. Echo is a windfall baby that I only started a few weeks ago and he has been such a treat! Sophie was home for the long weekend and got up and rode as did melonie! 10 rides in and he is already the perfect little dude so we had a lot of laughs and enjoyed the chilly mornings playing with this little 3 year old.
Sat. Night there was a party at my barn for Dana and Sean's ( the owners of Hart Farm) Nanny Teda at a house down the street which was really fun! Dana is mostly involved with hunter/jumpers and its a shame our worlds dont cross more bc i really enjoyed chatting with the gang at this shindig!.. Then from there was onto Dick and Marilyns again for a party Holly was throwing to show videos and pictures from her trip to England. She had a lot of local support to raise money to fly herself and her horse abroad and this was a thankyou dinner. It was very interesting, everyone was so excited and iterested in all the little details that, we as trainers/riders do everyday and find so ordinary. It really opened my eyes that pictures really do say 1000 words and the pictures and videos she has were priceless for those who helped her on her journey but didnt get to actually take the trip.. point noted!
So the weekend closed with a leftover turkey dinner for matt and doug to enjoy since both of them missed thanksgiving.. but the two of them a bit jet lagged the rest of us stuffed and tired were all thankful we were in pleasent quiet company that didnt mind the fact that all of us just sat, had some food shared a few stories and off to bed by 8:30.. ..
on that note.. hope everyone had a happy turkey day and ...goodnight x

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