Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fair Hill Wrap Up!!

Well what a weekend! Im sorry so late finishing up results but I think I have just dug my way out of the mud from fairhill!.. Tate was amazing Sunday jumped a clear round and finished up 5th
Kelly Sult
Top 6
Tate has been happy out in the field since sunday night and will have at least till Dec. 1 off!! 24/7 in the field like a real horse .. every now and then he looks up from grazing like he reconizes me but I think it took him about 5 sec to transfer back to mustang mode!!
It was exciting after show jumping I got asked to join 5 other horses in Vet Evaluations for the selectors. Due to the fact that the WEG is still a year away they were abbreviated invovling just a trot up, brief medical history and lunging. The vets were impressed as was I that I had checked no to all of the questions on medical history.. Injections.. no Acupuncture.. no...gastro gaurd.. no magnetic blanket.. no surgery .. no ... The last year has been a bit crazy and I actually forgot to appretiate how lucky I am to (knock on wood) have a horse that is so easy on himself. Im sure in the next year with added work there will be some things I can do to help tate feel comfortable in his work but to have done 3 CIC *** and 1 CCI*** with just a good fitness and feediing program is makes me very appretiative to have such a good partner!..
Onward and upward.. this weekend is Waradoca BN with Racer and im very excited. I love this little dude and Im glad to give him some attention this week! Then onto VA HT where racer will go Novice and Nigel will actually make a return to action and compete in OP. Im also excited about a new member joining the team! Chrissy McBride will be coming on as a working student. She will fit in perfect with the NJ clan and im sure will only make the Aiken trip more enjoyable! Thats it for now! Ciao Ciao

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