Saturday, September 12, 2009

sorry been a while

Sorry it has been a while since my last update but things have been CRAZY! In a good way.. The horses are all going well and business is picking up. First thing first Tater is doing Fab and we are getting prepared for the CIC 3* at Plantation next week. With help from our training grant I have been getting Dressage help consistantly from Betsy Steiner and jumping with Katie Purdant and Anne Kursinski. I can not express how much this help as pushed me and taken not only tate to the next level but is helping all my horses. I really feel that the details that need to be addressed to win at the top levels are being addressed and that has me eagar as hell to keep the nose to the grindstone! Geoffrey has been reaping the benifits of my added knowledge and seems to be complying to work now that in his opinion im worthy of being listened to! Geoffrey like all pretty boys does not like being told what to do espesially by a girl! But i think he is starting to like me. He is headed to the CCI 1 * at plantation. Racer is headed to a begginer novice tommorrow and is on good form, still learning and getting a little caught off gaurd every now and then but still happy every day to go to work with a smile on his face ( if horses could smile) which is an awesome attitude to work with. Im doing a lot of teaching which i am enjoying as well as breaking a Lucitano for Cindy Stys which is an entertaining experience! I have not worked with his breed before but he has a sensitive TB like side as well as a quiet nature like a warmblood. He is def. keeping me on my toes as well as last week on the floor! But working with every horse from the baby just starting to the Advanced is helping to keep things in prespective and im loving it ( but I do think a day at the spa would do my bones good!)..xx

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