Monday, September 14, 2009

bucks county

Well little racer took the big win at bucks county in his second ever event in the begginer novice! Last week at seneca I dont think racer or I really knew what was going to happen at his first outing. He won the dressage on a 30 he was very consistant in the ring. We did have to have two looks at some of the jumps on xc but he was adorable and just trying to figure out what the actual job he was supposed to be doing was.. as soon as he figured that out he was flying!( as flying as you can be at begginer novice).. He is a very smart little dude and came out this weekend like an old pro! He led the dressage by around 10 points on a 29 ! He rocked around the xc like he had been doing it for at least a whole season and had the last rail in show jumping but really put in a little hunter round so im very pleased!.. We had a crew from the local barns with us and other than one or two little blips everyone had a good day, doug took every ribbon from 1st to 6th, Nina finished 3, larry had double clear jumping phases, jen took blue, kelsey won the dressage so all and all a good showing! .. now we are getting ready for plantaion Tate and Geoffery are getting health certs today. Wend Tate and I have a lesson with Betsy Steiner then straight to Plantation, trot up on thurs!

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