Monday, September 21, 2009

2 place finish at CIC***!!

Well the weekend finished off excellent! Tate really stepped up to the plate and finished on his dressage score. Plantation did an amazing job with sponsors and owners, the Sponsors tent seemed to be filled all weekend! The cross-country was a good track but with plantations terrain( side of a hill) it is always a tough run. Tate kept pushing the whole way around and bar one scary moment when he decided to leave a stride out at a table( I guess he was feeling keen!) it was a solid performance. Six horses came in under the time he was one, coming in about 8 sec fast. He recovered well but did get a good gash behind from an inside stud. Sunday we didn't jump till around 1 so I took tate for a good long hack in the morning and he was feeling great! Jumping and literally squealing at the sound of the loud speaker ! Going into show jumping there was not a rail in hand from 1st place to 20th so the pressure was on.. Philip was winning Boyd right behind then myself then Phillip was abut . 4 behind me on his next horse! Tate was fantastic .. I took a big risk going into the triple and took a bit of a flyer but he handled it well and left the rails up and he finished with a clear round!.. Boyd had 2 down and Philip jumped a clear so we moved up to 2 place. Tate also won an extra award for best conditioned which was very exciting due to that being a priority this year bc he struggled a bit last year with his wind. Im very proud of him and we will keep up the extra lessons bc they seem to be paying off! Next for Tate is the 3 star at Fair Hill!! This weekend im hoping to take Racer to a little BN and then possibly Some boys down to Morvan the next week.. thats it for now..
ps tate looks happy/sound and dirty after rolling in his field all night!

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