Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a wee update

Well last weekend was entertaining with the new guy! i think he will be alright though. I did find myself revisiting my childhood in the dressage ring! "alvin" classic garden.. stuck his head up in the air half way through the test and i couldnt get it back down!! I was litterally laughing .. i was like seriously i even resorted to old fashion sea sawing ! Horses keepin us humble one dressage test at a time :) but i do think that can be fixed np he just got a little confused :) he did jump all the jumps so we are now gonna work on the actual training part of our new found relationship not just survival!

Tate Trotted!! who knew i would be so excited! He feels great and is trotting for 5 min along with a 45 min walk and a 20 min walk in the afternoon.. oh the little things ;)

Im headed to kentucky on thursday to watch. I was gonna stay at home and sulk but decided to grow up and kick on so if i cant be there riding im sure as hell gonna "watch and learn"! There are a list of us "should be here but shit happens and now we are pissed but we are gonna come and be pissed together" group. I am also excited to see WFP and granny potts ( williams head girl) shall be delightful


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