Monday, June 28, 2010


A common topic of conversation around the Eventing Campfire has been Syndication. Syndication in racehorses has been a huge way for the average joe to gamble at a the dream of being involved in something great.. We see it every year during the "race to the Triple Crown" the stories of horse that was to small, to slow, to fat and a small town group of people that believed in that little horse and it became a champion. I really believe if we could make it affordable and uncomplicated for people to get involved in Eventing they would. If we could show them that they could be a part of "the dream and story" that all of us die hards live everyday we could grow and become what the racing industry is today.

With that in mind I created( well i scripted and my amazing web designer and marketing extraordinaire Carol Hill designed) a Simple easy to follow "Guide to Owning an Event Horse".

At first I thought I should keep this for just myself and possible owners/sponsors of mine ( competitive nature kicking in).. but then I realized that is such a short sighted vision. If people got excited by realizing they could own a part of one of Philips horses and 2 parts of one of Karen's horses and half of one of Bucks( pretty much guaranteeing themselves a horse at WEG'S) then maybe they would decide to get involved in some of the up and coming horses and riders as well ( hopefully a horse of mine and some of my piers)..

So I am making an effort to send this Brochure out to the masses. I must make it clear this is an first time attempt at this so there are flaws and it definitely needs improvement but everything has gotta start somewhere! So please if you are a rider and in need of a horse to get you to your goals think outside the box and get creative, show your supporters they can really get involved... and if you are a patron and a lover of the sport know you really can be on the team with your riding idol or help make that small town horse/rider or struggling professional that you love and support get to there goal of being the best they can for a small contribution.

Check out my stab at it

Thanks and as always any feedback is greatly appreciated and ideas so we can keep Eventing on the path to bigger and better things!

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