Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Alvin had a choice here to stop.. to fall.. or to get the hell up that bank! I'm glad he chose the last option! I'm excited about young alvin he has got survival instincts! we are gonna be headed down to VA horse trials the weekend after next and hopefully we will have some more boring pictures :)!

I went to Jersey Fresh to watch on cross country day and I can t say how relieved I was that no horse or rider got hurt!.. To be honest I hate competing at Jersey because there is always some major drama and not in a good way. I think I am not alone in my feelings, there were very few entries this year in all the divisions. Well If I have a horse to compete there next year I will def. will show up to play. They finally got it right. The course was maybe a bit soft for the two star but it was a gallopy track that definitely required a fit horse to come home safe and make the time. The 3* I think asked all the right questions with plenty of galloping so the time for gettable. The track was also forgiving enough that a few had problems but were able to make it safely home. So high five for Jersey Fresh!

Chrissy is back from vacation YAY! I know from years being a working student and grooming that it is a hell of a job. I wouldn't trade any of it though. I feel that those young riders that got their way paid missed out on vital skills that one can only learn at the end of a pitch fork! Work ethic, attention to detail and honestly figuring out if this is really what you want to do with your life. Its a tough business and I'm glad I found that out at a young age. I am very lucky with Chrissy in the barn she keeps the boys(and girl sobe) looking fantastic, the yard looking great and the sense to make good decisions. So if your a working student I know it tough but be tougher it will only help you in the end.. and if you are the boss be good to your help because it will only help you in the end!

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