Friday, February 19, 2010

katie P training sessions

Well Katie takes no prisoners!! Tater did preform very well but between Oded and Katie there are here to whip us eventers into shape! Katie's attention to detail is fantastic. It is expected you get to the jump correctly but she wants to figure out the exact jump that your horse need to jump at his best.. meaning does he need support at a gappy distance, does he like to get close to the fence and have a soft rein, does he need a quiet rhythm does he like more of a gallop.. all these things that on the third day are not only vital to know but essential to be able to execute. We have sessions with Oded Monday and Tues and with Mark on Wend. I am planning on spending a lot of time at the sessions this next week,both Oded and Katie are excellent at not only teaching the rider but teaching the spectator. In other news we will be getting a new 4 year old on the farm this weekend!! Sobe is a baby from the fork that mom we imported from Argentina several years ago. She is a bit of a shrimp but so was her mom and she had a great jump. Last time I saw Sobe I could have confused her with a hippo! She will spend the next while getting into shape and will start her eventing career in the summer. Rocket also went and schooled around the warm up at a local show and was quite impressive! He will begin competing is some local dressage shows next month.. should be exciting!

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